サルグミンヌ Sarreguemines

It is a cake dish of flower rim of sargueminne. Popular ivory. 1920 - 1950

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Ivory of Sargminne. It is a cake dish with a hill. A compotier is a plate for fruits and small sweets, but this Plate à gâteau is a plate for tarts and cakes baked in the hall. Therefore, the rim part is narrow and flat. In France, it is sometimes called a tart dish. This is a whole cake with a diameter of 20 cm.

The ceramic skin is a gentle ivory color. Although the color tone looks different depending on the photo (difficult!) It is a common ivory of sargueminne.

The only decoration is the ruffles on the rims. It is a simple, timeless vessel that complements everything, which is why it is loved all over the world.

Since it has a diameter of 27 cm, it is fashionable to put quiche on it for spicy parties, instead of whole cakes, small cakes, and sweets. Beautiful plates that have become modestly wavy petal-shaped. It has a special feeling with a hill, but it is a plate that can be used every day. In a family that often bakes sweets in the hall, it should be quite useful!

The penetration is neatly on the entire surface, but the stains are only faint and not very noticeable (at least I don't mind them at all). Something like a scratch is visible, but inside the glaze, it doesn't seem to be a scratch. Cutlery scratches are small and have a slight fine. Unusually, there are no tips. There are no chips or cracks. It is in very good condition for an antique item. However, since time has passed, there are some dirt and small scratches. Please purchase after understanding antiques.

This is the price of one plate. There is a stamp on the back.

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Hauteur 35mm
Largeur D270mm
Poids 776g
Styles Basique

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