Lunéville's cruise dish "Réverbère" c. 1900



リュネヴィル Lunéville

An old antique painting plate from the French kiln Lunéville. Around 1889.

More details

Marie Antoinette also loved the venerable Lunéville flat plate. There is a backstamp from around 1889. This series usually has a large central bouquet, but this one is scattered on the rim. I saw it for the first time. This is the only one point. Compared to a large bouquet, it looks plain, but it is very nice when you put dishes and sweets in it. A cute precious plate from 130 years ago.

The color looks different depending on the photo, but the ground color is white.

The wavy flower rim is also bordered in pink, yellow and blue. It is an item that makes you feel warm with a touch of hand paint.

This is a large cruise dish (semi-cruise) with a diameter of 24 cm.

The stain from the intrusion is faint. There are places where the blue flower part has faded. It is in very good condition with no cracks or chips, but since it has passed over time, there are some fine dirt and scratches. It is a dish with an atmosphere where you can feel the atmosphere of antiques rather than antiques like new.

Please purchase after understanding antiques.

The price of one plate is. There is a stamp on the back.

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Largeur 240mm
Poids 400g
Styles Féminin

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