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Introduction of 5 "Provencal Summer Panniers" products

This time, we will deliver the flavor of Provence in southern France and a net bag that is perfect for summer so that you can spend the summer healthy. In response to many requests, two types of Aniel's honey are also available! There are only 70 of them, so if you are interested, please purchase them as soon as possible.

◉ " Sac filet en coton" Cotton mesh bag 32X46cm, 100% organic cotton, green, 1pc

From popular boutiques in Marseille, we chose a durable eco-bag. The green rather than the refreshing pastel brightens the mood. The illustrations of Marseille's famous sardines are charming.

◉ "Fleur de sel de Camargue" Camargue salt, organic, content 126g

Provencal salt in a tradition that has been made since ancient times. This is a high-grade salt full of minerals collected only from crystals on the surface of the water. It is collected by hand. It is a mild delicious salt that does not feel salty.

◉ "Ail de France" French garlic organic, content 60g

Basic condiments of Provencal cuisine. It is grilled granular garlic. Top with salt to finish off the dish.

◉ "Miel de Fleurs de Provence" Aniel's Provencal Flower Honey 125g, bottled

It is honey made with five types of flowers: cherry, apple, lavender, thyme, and chestnut.

◉ "Miel de Fleurs d'Acacia" Aniel's Acacia Flower Honey 125g, Bottled

Among the honey of Provence is tenderness that vies for 1 or 2. Acacia flowers bloom all over Provence from around the end of April and emit a wonderful, nice aroma.

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The sales period will be July 3 11 at 23:59 Japan hours. It will be shipped at any time. We will send you a tracking number by email at the time of shipment. Normally, it takes about 2 weeks to arrive until the Japan, but it may be delayed due to COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding.

This model is 163cm tall (although she is my mother-in-law)

It looks like this when you put it on your shoulder

We will attach a boutique bag to the net bag.

Salt and garlic in metal containers are nice just to put them side by side in the kitchen.

Aniel is doing well, too! It's still a Thursday marche.

The salt pans of the Camargue are pink like this.


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