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Golden Week Special Panniers

Introduction of 4 products of "French style park picnic set"

This time, we bring you a park picnic set from France.

In the basket of the Moroccan petit Marché, which has been booming in France for the past few years, we will send you sandwich ingredients, white tea and paper napkins.

Fashionable, healthy, ecological. The French wind is jammed now.

◉ "Panier Marrakech Nature" Petit Marché basket width about 27cm

At a shop in Marrakech, Morocco, I had an original basket with the name "Montrose" made for me. The color of the name is rose (pink) after the name. There is no doubt that it will be very useful for picnics and interiors!

◉ "Rillette de poisson" 3 types of Brittany fish liettes, 78g each

It's the most delicious liette from Brittany. Three species: salmon, mackerel and tuna. It guarantees a delicious taste that you can't think of as canned. Just sandwich it between the bread and your favorite vegetables to make a first-class sandwich. Put it on sliced bread for an aperitif.

◉ "Thé blanc pêche BIO" White tea bag, peach flavored, organic 15 bags

From Provence we deliver organic teas. White tea with an elegant and refreshing peach scent. It is delicious both hot and chilled. It does not taste bitter, so it is also for children.

◉ "Serviette papier écologique" Ecological paper napkin 20 sheets

100% recycled paper, chemical-free safe paper napkins. It is unbleached kraft paper. Eco-friendly and stylish design is a trend in France.

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Salmon riette + avocado + tomato sandwich.

Handmade baskets one by one

Three kinds of fish from Brittany

This time, I will attach a Florel shopping bag


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