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Introduction of 3 products "The scent of roses loved by Louis XV and Marie Antoinette"

This time, we will bring you the fragrance of the perfume shop "ORIZA" located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.

It was a historic famous store that celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2020, and was the perfume shop of Louis 15, 16 and Marie Antoinette. The charm of France is that such shops still exist.

There are many different scents, but this time I chose the scent of rose and lily of the valley. Rose season is just around the corner. And May 1 is Lily of the Valley Day. Fill your room with the scent of the gardens of Paris or the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Not only does it look great, but the quality is also the best.

◉ "SAVON Rose du Roy" Soap "King's Rose" Contents 125g Box 1

The fragrance of rose soap made by perfume shops is so great that the concept of soap changes. It is deeply moving to think that Madame de Pompadour, whom Louis XV loved, also lived filled with this fragrance. The base is olive oil. Made with organic karite butter. Also recommended for dry skin. For the face, hands, and whole body.

◉ "PARFUM DE MAISON Rose du Roy" Room Spray "Rose of the King" 100 ml ContentsBox 1 bottle

Spray-type room fragrance. It is the same king rose scent as soap. With a buff, I feel like a Jardin in Paris. A natural bouquet of roses fills the room.

◉ "SAVON Muguet Fleuri" Soap "Flowering Muguet (Lily of the Valley)" Contents 125g Box 1 piece

In France, May 1 is Lily of the Valley Day. Send lily of the valley that carries happiness to loved ones. It would be wonderful to give this soap to your loved ones with such an episode. It is a refreshing scent that is loved by everyone. The quality of soap is the same as that of roses, and it is based on olive oil. Palm oil is not used.

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Just like in a boutique, I will send you a nice ribbon knot. It is also perfect as a gift.

We will give you a paper bag from the boutique for gifts.

We will deliver the scent of Paris to your home.

It won the Grand Prix at the 1900 Paris International Exposition. The poster is Mucha.


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