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The panniers in November ended at 23:59 Japan hours on November 28.

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◉ Biscuit of Marché of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue "Castagne Chestnut Flour Biscuit" 200g

◉ L'Isle-sur-La-Sorgue's Marché biscuit "Macaron Provençal framboise flavor" 200g

◉ Mirabel Brandy-Pickled Raisin Chocolate 100g

◉ Chocolate with almonds "Olive de Provence" 100g

◉ Crème de Marron 120g

◉White Nougat 50g

◉ Carisson 5 pcs

◉ Berlingo candy 4 flavors 130g

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The price includes shipping costs from France.

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The sales period will be from November 20th to 28th at 23:59 Japan hours. It is scheduled to be shipped from around December 2nd. We will send you a tracking number by email at the time of shipment. Normally, it takes about 10 days to reach the Japan, but it may be delayed due to COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding.

Enjoying traditional sweets full of flavor is the Provencal way of year-end and New Year hospitality

You can easily make such a dessert at crème de marron

Cut into pieces of your favorite size and serve

A familiar biscuit shop at the Sunday Marché in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

Thierry preserves the traditional taste of Carpentras. Craftsmanship!


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