Shopping Guide

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◉ Our prices are based in Euro. On the first screen, the price is displayed in Euros, but if you want to switch to Yen view, change the currency in the upper left corner of the screen to Yen. If you change the currency to Japan yen, all displays will be yen, but please be sure to return from yen to euro on the payment page. Depending on the rate, the price in yen will change.

In the Coups de coeur section, products of various genres will appear randomly. It feels like a random antique market, and when you find something you like, click to see more

To find products by genre, press the genre you prefer in Produits par Catégories

◉ In the search bar at the top of each page, you can enter a single or multiple words to search for products

◉ Select your preferred genre in the menu bar and click to go to the corresponding page.

◉ Category pages may span multiple pages. In that case, click the Next page button at the bottom of the page or the numbered button 1,2 ... Go to the next page at

◉ Filter menu: Select a category or price range in the right column to display the search results.

◉Tags: When you click a tag on the category page, the products corresponding to that keyword are selected and displayed from all categories.

◉ Please press the "Add to Cart" button on the detail screen of the desired product. The shopping cart confirmation screen appears.

* If you want to purchase other products, please click the "Continue shopping" button

* If you want to finish shopping and proceed to payment, please click the "Proceed to payment (settle)" button.

* If you want to check the inside of the cart during shopping, please hover over the cart mark at the top right of the screen.

◉ Please check that when you "proceed to payment", the shopping contents (product name, quantity, amount) and the photo of the product will appear. If you want to cancel the product, for example, if you made a mistake, press the trash button for the product you want to delete.

If you see yen displayed in Japan on this page, be sure to switch to euros.

◉Please check the contents before proceeding.

◉ Go to the final payment screen and click "Order with this content"

◉ Please specify your card and press "Pay by card" to switch to the credit card company's screen. Please pay on that screen. Once the payment is complete, you will see a payment confirmation screen that says "Your payment has been completed and your order has been registered, and we will process your order promptly."

Click "View Order History" at the bottom of the screen to jump to the order history on your My Page. You can check your order there.