Pansy Barbotine Dish Choisy Le Roy HB & Cie



ショワジー・ル・ロワ Choisy le Roi

A beautiful antique plate of Barbotine with three colors of pansies adorable. Choisy-le-Roy. Around the end of the 1800s.

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Barbotine is pottery made by molding mud containing clay. This is a very gorgeous plate with a pansy flower motif. It has a light pastel tone, and you can even feel the thin petals of pansies. A plate that looks good with cute sweets.

This one has penetration throughout, but only a part of it looks like a stain.

The presence or absence of penetration is more of a preference than a good condition. Intrusion is when pottery is fired, and during the process of cooling after baking, the melted glaze becomes cracked and hardens due to the difference in shrinkage between the clay and the glaze. Over the years, as pottery is used, its penetration takes on color and creates a landscape. Some people prefer spot-free things, while others love the scenery created by intrusion and age. There are also contemporary artists who deliberately add color to the penetration. It's not that either is more valuable.

It is also wonderful to decorate in the interior.

There are parts where the penetration looks like stains, but I think that also adds charm to this plate. The luster remains firmly, and it is in very good condition with no cracks or chips. There is one small chip at the edge. Since it has been a long time, there are some stains and scratches. Please understand antiques before purchasing.

This is the price of one plate. With backstamp.

The price includes shipping costs from France.


84 €

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Largeur 215mm
Poids 356g
Styles Féminin

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